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Roof & Foundation Products

Professional Grade Concrete Fortifier & Bonding Agent

• Increases UV, Chemical, & Water Resistance
• Strengthens Concrete Repairs & Overlays
• Adheres New Concrete to Old
• Increases Flexibility

Sizes Available: .9 Quart Bottle

SDS Sheet (pdf) Tech Data Sheet pdf icon (pdf)

A specially formulated Acrylic Additive designed to dramatically increase the strength of concrete, mortar, stucco, and other cement containing materials.

Concrete, mortar, stucco, and other cement containing materials

Mixing- Stir contents before using.

Concrete Patching- Mix Concrete Bonding Agent & Fortifier full strength with dry concrete, mortar, stucco, or other dry material.

Bonding Agent- Mix 2 parts Concrete Fortifier & Bonding Agent to 1 part water. Apply to slightly damp surface. Apply concrete or patching mixes immediately while the bonding agent is still wet. CAUTION: Do not allow bonding agent to dry before placing concrete or patching mixes over it.


Concrete Bonding Agent Photo

Roof Instructions

Item Number Unit Size Unit Weight Pack Pack Weight
H4600 .9 Quart Bottle 2.5 lbs. 12 30 lbs.

Tools Needed:


You May Also Need:

Professional Grade Concrete Patch



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