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Roof & Foundation Products

Ultra Concentrated Sprayable Roof Cleaner

• Superior Cleaning Action
• Ideal for Cleaning Stains, Dirt, Algae, Mildew, Moss, & other Organic Fungus
• Won't Harm Plants or Painted Surfaces

Sizes Available: .9 Gallon Jug, 32 Oz. Bottle
Coverage: One .9 Gallon Jug will make enough solution to clean up to 2,250 square feet of surface area. One 32 ounce bottle cleans up to 550 sq. ft. of surface area.

SDS Sheet (pdf) Tech Data Sheet pdf icon (pdf)

SealBest "Ultra Concentrated" Sprayable Roof Cleaner is an environmentally friendly water based cleaner featuring superior cleaning action.

• Asphalt and Cedar Shingles
• EPDM, SBS, & APP Roof Surfaces
• Mobile Homes, Campers, & RVs
• Wood Decks, Aluminum, & Vinyl Siding

One Gallon
MIXING - Mix at a ratio of 1 part Sprayable Roof Cleaner to 15 parts of water. Add water to hand-held sprayer or pail first and then add sprayable roof cleaner to water. Stir thoroughly.
IMPORTANT - Work in small areas at a time (20 sq. ft. or less).
APPLICATION - Apply mixed roof cleaner with a garden type sprayer or apply manually with a brush. Scrub with a stiff brush to remove dirt and stains while roof cleaner is still wet. Avoid letting roof cleaner dry completely before rinsing with water. Rinse thoroughly with water.
NOTE - Severely stained areas may require repeat applications.

32 Oz. Bottle
Connect sprayer to garden hose. Make sure the sprayer control knob on the side of the sprayer attachment is in the OFF position. Turn on water. For best results, work in small areas at a time (20 Sq. Ft. or less). Rotate knob to the ON position and apply roof cleaner to the area to be cleaned. After the area to be cleaned has been thoroughly wetted with roof cleaner, quickly rotate knob to the OFF position. While material is still wet, scrub with a stiff brush to remove dirt and stains. Before allowing cleaned area to dry, rotate knob to the WATER position and rinse the cleaned area thoroughly. Repeat this process if necessary to remove stubborn stains. When finished, turn water off at faucet. Relieve water pressure in hose by rotating knob on spray bottle to the WATER position until water slows to a drip. Rotate knob to the OFF position. Remove garden hose from spray bottle. There is a clear section on the side of the spray bottle that indicates the level of roof cleaner remaining in the bottle. The spray bottle can be refilled from a gallon container of SealBest Ultra Concentrated Roof Cleaner (sold separately).


Ultra Concentrated Sprayable Roof Cleaner Photo

Roof Instructions

Item Number Unit Size Unit Weight Pack Pack Weight
H3695 .9 Gallon Jug 8.8 lbs. 6 53.3 lbs.
H3693 32 Oz. Bottle 2.38 lbs. 12 29.06 lbs.

Tools Needed:

scrub brush trowel                  

You May Also Need:


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